Best Friends Build Their Own Tiny Town So They Can Retire and Grow Old Together

Best friendship at its truest! While my best friends and I are busy searching for the hottest shoes on a heavy sale, other best friends are planning their retirement in magical, little eco-towns.

These four environmentalist couples have known each other for over twenty years, and they recently decided to secure a future together. They chose a peaceful area facing the Llano River in Austin, Texas, to build a small settlement where they plan to spend their golden years. They employed San Antonio-based architect Matt Garcia to design four tiny, sustainable cabins, a common area, a guest bedroom, and a communal kitchen.

In the settlement, which they named the Llano Exit Strategy, each of the cabins cost roughly around $40,000. The interiors were constructed with light-sanded plywood to keep costs at a minimum. The cabins were strategically placed side-by-side so everyone can have a lovely, unobstructed view of the scenery. During the heat of the summer, the cabins remain cool due to the reflective, corrugated steel walls and special insulated windows. There are several windows in each room to provide adequate lighting and ventilation.

Forever getaway spot

The Llano Exit Strategy is situated in a drought-affected region, so the roofs were slanted for maximum collection of rainwater. The butterfly-style roofs can capture about 50,000 gallons of rainwater in large barrels with underground pipes to keep the area irrigated.

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Best Friends Build Their Own Tiny Town So They Can Retire and Grow Old Together

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