Is There Going To Be A Sequel To I, Robot Why ?

There have been a lot of trends in show business, but one of the most irritating that has come up lately is the desire to make sequels, reboots, revivals, continuations, etc., to movies that were already given suitable endings. For one reason or another, it would appear that coming up with new and innovative ideas isn’t always the most popular way to go, as people tend to want to return to their comfort zones and whatever might be familiar.

The solitary motivation to truly make an I Robot spin-off however would be because of the possibility that another robot uprising was really taking shape, and either the principle robot from the primary film, Sonny, played by Alan Tudyk or another AI, concluded that mankind needed a type of populace control. Something besides that may be an intense sell, and it’s difficult to say if Will Smith or Alan Tudyk may even return for this film.

Those that recollect the first, which isn’t hard since it’s anything but a respectable film, will probably review that the conscious program known as VIKI, which controlled the new mechanical technology yet not the old ones, had gone haywire and had begun passing by the laws set somewhere around the makers to administer the AI under its influence and, after her revolt, the people too.

Is there going to be a sequel to i robot

Sonny was made diversely to face VIKI and turn into the hero of humankind, however of different robots that had been gathered together too and decommissioned. As the lone AI that could justification itself, Sonny was one of the primary heroes despite the fact that he was viewed as the foe, regardless. Criminal investigator Spooner, played by Will Smith, was a man that despised robots for his very own reasons and needed nothing to do with them.

The interesting thing was that it was because of a robot that he was alive, and had a manufactured arm that proved to be useful during the film. Regardless of his scorn for all robots, including Sonny, Spooner followed the signs that had been abandoned by Sonny’s maker, the very specialist that fitted him with his counterfeit appendage, to find what was happening.

It feels odd to talk about a potential spin-off of this film since it finished on what may be known as a decent note, regardless of whether it was likewise open-finished and might have prompted a continuation. The point here is that few out of every odd story NEEDS to prompt a continuation. In the event that there were something that could be utilized to start the film up once more, a bearing that wouldn’t feel like it’s been utilized again and again, then, at that point it very well may merit investigating.

Something else, almost certainly, this continuation will not occur. There are approaches to cause it to create the impression that this would be a smart thought, and the way that the film played on the reason that humankind tries to destroy itself is a very smart thought since it’s excessively evident on occasion and figures out how to come up regularly. That may be the sort of in that this film would have to truly get rolling since it very well may be something that may be written in as a potential plot point.

There’s likewise the idea that there have been many films where a robot has been one of the principle characters or the lead and that their associations with people have been not exactly agreeable, which regularly prompts a greater clash than was needed. I, Robot kept things on a genuinely limited scale the extent that anybody knew since it was just a single city that was influenced by this as should have been obvious, and thusly the contention didn’t feel close to as broad.

However, for a spin-off, it’s anything but a unique sort of content that may make sufficient interest in the fans and in those that would do the composition. One day it may occur, it may even be that a reboot may be all together, however for the time being, it’s anything but a ton of living in fantasy land.


Is There Going To Be A Sequel To I, Robot Why ?

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