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I remember a time before when Keanu Reeves wasn’t known for playing notorious hitman John Wick. Back in his early days, I really recognized him as Neo from the Matrix movies. Okay, so maybe the seconds and third movies weren’t so great, but the first one is one of my favorite movies ever.

And hey, we’ll be getting the fourth one next year, so maybe the franchise will earn some redemption. But as far as Keanu Reeves’ career, his early days included some memorable action movies like Speed and Point Break, along with more serious movies like Hardball. By the time I reached high school, it seemed like his career hit a slump.

With a few basic and monetary dissatisfactions like The Day the Earth Stood Still change, David Ayer’s Street Kings, and the exceptionally frustrating Japanese tale 47 Ronin, it appeared as though Keanu Reeves’ wonder days were behind him.

He took a stab at coordinating with the 2013 hand to hand fighting film Man of Tai Chi, which wasn’t terrible. In any case, it was another monetary dissatisfaction that our man Keanu needed to bob back from. Truth be told, I had my questions that he at any point would, yet an exceptionally astonishing 2014 activity film broke those questions totally.

Recollect when you saw the primary John Wick film interestingly? That is to say, I recall when I previously read the abstract for it and thought it sounded absurd. So a person who was a resigned assassin goes on a vengeance binge since certain troublemakers killed his canine?

Try not to misunderstand me, I like canines as much as anyone else, yet that entire idea just sounded senseless to me. I at first accepted that John Wick was simply going to be another conventional activity film with Keanu Reeves doing his thing and being his cool self. Also, when I saw it in the performance center back in 2014, I immediately acknowledged how wrong I was.

When will John Wick 4 be released ?

The yet-untitled John Wick 4 was declared following John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum was delivered to approach all inclusive recognition in 2019, getting labeled with a May 21, 2021 delivery date. Fans immediately saw it was exactly the same date anticipated for The Matrix 4, making fans announcement May 21 Keanu Reeves Day, an occasion that remains mysteriously informal as per world governments.

Sadly, that didn’t occur. The professional killer known as Baba Yaga has endure vehicle crashes, stabbings, dismantling, torment, shots and multi-story falls, yet even he was unable to fight off COVID. Fortunately, the film is back underway, with a planned delivery penciled in for May 2022. (The Matrix 4, in the mean time, will make a big appearance in December 2021).


John Wick 4 Release Date | Ubdate 2021

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