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Tokyo Ghoul Touka Kirishima is the deuteragonist and a fiend and server at Anteiku and one of the primary characters of the establishment. Sui Ishida additionally uncovered Tokas BWH saying “82 51 84” While chasing, she wears a bunny cover and her assumed name is Rabbit (ラビット). In Tokyo Ghoul, she was a second-year understudy at Kiyomi High School in the first place and a third-year understudy after the post-Aogiri timeskip.

After the timeskip, she returns as a server of the café before it went burned to the ground. She is additionally hitched to Ken Kaneki and after the Dragon war, she conceived an offspring their solitary girl, Ichika Kaneki, and is pregnant of their second and just child. She is voiced by Sora Amamiya in the Japanese rendition of the anime, and by Brina Palencia in the English variant of the anime.

Tokyo Ghoul Touka Kirishima Biography

Touka lived in the twentieth ward with her more youthful sibling Ayato, and her dad, Arata; where her dad carried on with his life by mixing in with the human culture, by taking them to the library and in any event, persuading them to eat human nourishment. Touka consistently appeared to have more confidence and trust in her dad than Ayato did. Touka and Ayato started thinking about a fowl, where she was appeared to have an affection for winged animals and gathering night crawlers. On the prior night Arata was caught by Ghoul Investigators, Touka guaranteed her dad that she would instruct Ayato numerous things as a senior sister.

When Arata never returned, Touka accepted that he was as yet alive, and upbraided Ayato for imagining that he was murdered. The kin Kirishima visited Satou, where they had to eat human nourishment; in the long run being sold out as Ghoul Investigators moved toward them. So as to secure herself and Ayato, Touka released her kagune just because, slaughtering the examiners.

Touka and Ayato fled from home right away. After some time they discovered Anteiku, and were dealt with by Yoshimura. As they grew up, the kin procured power, sometimes battling against Shuu Tsukiyama too. Touka was offered a school life, and to reimburse Anteiku, she was approached to function as a server at the coffeehouse. She met Yoriko at school, however Ayato was against cooperating with people, revealing to her that she’d kick the bucket in the event that she kept on become friends with people. After Ayato left Anteiku, Touka knew about his vindictive activities on the fourteenth ward and different regions of Tokyo.


Tokyo Ghoul Touka Kirishima | Tokyo Ghoul Manga Online

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