Young and the Restless Sharon Case Best Things You Don’t Know

The Young and the Restless fans have been watching as Sharon Newman has graced their screens since way back in 1994. We know it seems impossible that she’s even old enough to have had this role for this long, but Sharon Case (the actress behind Sharon Newman) has been working a lot longer than just 1994.

We know she’s about to find her happily ever after once again with her high school sweetheart as she and Nick Newman are about to get married — again — and that means we want to know more about the actresses behind the character.

She’s Been Working Since She was 17

She started demonstrating at 17 years old. Her initial profession permitted her to encounter a major move, as well. She left for Japan to seek after her displaying vocation. She wasn’t there for long, however, which works for her since she prefers it here.

She Grew Up in California

Her folks didn’t remain in Michigan long after their little girl was conceived. At the point when she was just three, they settled on the choice to move to California. They didn’t move her to LA to seek after acting at that age. They went, all things considered, to a town called Chatsworth, and she grew up there.

She’s Been Married Twice

What’s fascinating about her relationships is that one of them is obscure. All we know is that she was hitched for an exceptionally concise second back in 1988, and nobody knows to whom or for how long or what occurred. Was is a Britney Spears Vegas circumstance? We simply don’t have the foggiest idea. We do know, nonetheless, she was hitched to a finance manager by the name of Sandy Corzine from 2007 to 2009.

She Designs Jewelry

She made the declaration in 2010. She calls it Pomp, and it’s a line of design adornments. She had the option to sell her things on QVC, and she was glad to configuration pieces you could wear any time, anyplace, and at whatever stage in life. It progressed nicely.

She’s an Emmy Winner

She’s been selected for five Daytime Emmy‘s, and she’s won one of them. She was first named in 1996, again in 1997, at that point in 1999, 2000, and 2004. She won her Emmy in 1999. She’s acceptable at what she does, so this doesn’t astonish us.


Young and the Restless Sharon Case Best Things You Don’t Know

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