Young and the Restless Spoilers : Is Ashland Leaving ‘Young and the Restless’?

The Young and the Restless fans ask is Ashland Locke leaving the CBS soap opera – is Richard Burgi exiting Young and the Restless soon? The media mogul recently announced he has advanced lung cancer and has six months to live. So, it would seem he’s on his way out of Genoa City. However, he has mentioned the possibility of seeking treatment. So is Ash faking, will he really die, or will a miraculous cure come his way?

Is Ashland Locke Leaving Young and the Restless?

Ashland Locke showed up in Genoa City as a savage finance manager. His terrible standing continued his appearance. However, after his cardiovascular failure, he had an adjustment of demeanor. Since Ashland is investing energy with Victoria Newman, he has certainly shown his gentler side.

Along these lines, the unavoidable issue remains. Is Ashland wiped out or he is running a trick on Young and the Restless? The New Yorker is by all accounts showing side effects of his disease. His hacking fits show up every day. However, it could likewise be a demonstration. As Victoria pushes to consolidate their organizations, Ashland Locke could have something at his disposal.

An unfriendly takeover of Newman Enterprises would be the ideal method to make Victor Newman pay for the quick one he pulled. Victor utilized Ashland’s coronary failure to compel him to sell his organization. In this way, Ashland Locke could pass on and leave Young and the Restless. Or on the other hand something more vile could be going on. Presently, Vikki’s in a lot further with him…

Victoria and Ashland Take It To The Next Level on Y&R

Following quite a while of being a tease and insinuation, Vikki and Ashland Locke at long last hit the sheets on Young and the Restless. Both appear to be stricken and truly into one another. Thus, if Ashland is lying about his wellbeing, he’s truly betting everything. Yet, he is a finance manager who is known to be heartless. Along these lines, Ash could be faking his sickness to get Victoria in his bed – as well as into her CEO seat.

Per ongoing Y&R spoilers, he may really have malignant growth. In any case, that doesn’t mean Ashland Locke is leaving Young and the Restless. Debris has been inflexible that he won’t look for treatment. In any case, on one event as of late, he said he may. Since he and the Newman beneficiary have become more genuine he could choose to perceive what his primary care physicians can do.

Young and the Restless scoops have shown Ashland praise the Newman CEO on her solid moderator abilities. She could convince him to do whatever is expected to drag out his life. A CBS insider indicates that Richard Burgi marked a two-year contract with the show. That would mean Ashland Locke isn’t going anyplace at any point in the near future. Notwithstanding, the solitary authority articulation is that he’s repetitive. Thus, we’ll see.


Young and the Restless Spoilers : Is Ashland Leaving ‘Young and the Restless’?

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