The Young and the Restless  for Wednesday, May 22

The Young and the Restless for Wednesday, May 22 reveal a day of memories, revelations, and confrontations. GC deals with the consequences of Adam remembering his past as Billy warns Victor about his twisted scion. Plus, Sharon is forced to remember the bad alongside the good. Also, Devon and Elena grow closer!

Now that Adam says he remembers everything, Billy is ready to take his pound of flesh for Delia’s death… and everything else Adam ever did. Victor is protecting his newly-returned son. But Billy isn’t playing. He’s convinced that Adam’s return means bad news for the family he just got back.

And of course, Billy is determined to protect Victoria, Johnny, and Katie, from Adam…and from Victor, if he has to. Billy is putting his once and possibly future father-in-law on notice! Sharon mentioning Faith reminded Adam of the role he played in the little girl’s newborn baby switch.

(It’s OK, Adam, since you’ve been gone, Sharon has done some baby-switching of her own, just ask Nick. He’s got quite a tale to tell here.) Now Sharon has to recall all the bad Adam did, along with the good she’s been telling everyone about. Perhaps Sharon might see she best stick with Rey and stay out this mess.

There’s also the possibility that Adam might decide to take Christian away from Nick… and what that would do to both of them. Coupling Up. Devon kissed Elena while he was dreaming and thought she was Hilary. (Which is not unlike how Lily was conceived when her mom was zonked out on cough medicine.) cotinue reading on the next page —>

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The Young and the Restless for Wednesday, May 22

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