The Young and the Restless Spoilers for Tuesday, May 14

The Young and the Restless spoilers for Tuesday, May 14 reveal a very Victor Newman day as he decides what’s going to happen with his youngest son. Victor is back, front and center, where he knows he belongs. This time, Victor is done with doctors and Sharon and playing Mr. Nice Guy. Victor wants Adam to get his memory back! Now! You got that?

Victor paid a professional lots of money for lots of months in order to force Adam to remember his previous life and what a great dad Victor is. That didn’t work. So then Victor got Sharon to try and job Adam’s memory. That didn’t work.

But, Sharon did convince Adam to come back to Genoa City to face his past. And now it’s time for Victor to take over. Victor can tell Adam all about his late mom, Hope. Victor did actually love Hope. And so did Adam. Maybe that will trigger some memories.

Victor can also introduce Adam to his sisters, Victoria and Abby. Will Victoria bring up the fact that Adam ran down Delia, her kids’ half-sister, Billy’s daughter? And then there’s Adam’s brother, Nick. Nick and Adam don’t just have Sharon in common.

There’s also Chelsea mother of Adam’s son, Conner. And Sage, mother of Adam’s son, Christian whom Nick is currently raising as his own. When Nikki filled her children in on what their dad had been up to in Las Vegas, Nick worried that Victor will do anything to get his prodigal son back.
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The Young and the Restless Spoilers for Tuesday, May 14

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