The Young And the Restless Spoilers Rey will help Mia escape from Genoa because she is pregnant

The young and the restless’ spoilers

During this time we will be able to see the problems Rey encounters from romance to work. He discovers a dangerous secret about his wife but the movie will not end there. After all, his wife Mia is the one who attacked her sister but once again she suffers, when Mia is has good news for him.

Mia confessed all sins, she cried a lot and pleaded for Rey’s forgiveness, she said that the person Mia wanted to attack was Abby and Lola, but Lola wore her jacket Abby and walked in Abbott’s house, so there was a mistake. Or, at least where she thought Abby should stay. Her sister-in-law is fighting for her life and all she can do is pray for Lola to wake up.

After visiting Lola, Mia was really sad and cried, she said all the mistakes and pleaded with Lola to wake up now. She secretly confessed the attack and vowed to make everything right. She never intended to hurt Lola and swear Lola woke up, she would change her whole life.

Mia was wrong and she was right to decide to plan on surrender, and ask everyone’s forgiveness. But all this comes a little too late. Rey already knew what she did and he wouldn’t be patient for her crocodile tears! Rey didn’t really have faith in Mia because she made a lot of mistakes.

While Mia went to the hospital and visited Lola, Rey broke into his wife’s room and rummaged through everything. He stalks me as things, finds the right earrings and confirmed that his wife is a monster! Rey really collapsed, he did not understand what Lola did to her and she did so.
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The Young And the Restless Spoilers Rey will help Mia escape from Genoa because she is pregnant

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