The Young and the Restless Spoilers Tuesday, June 11

The Young and the Restless spoilers for Tuesday, June 11 reveal a day of secrets and determination. The show centers on Christian, Adam’s obsession, Nick’s choice, and Rey doing his job. Adam bought Nick’s debt all $27 million of it. And now he’s given his big brother a choice give up custody of Christian, or lose his other baby, Dark Horse.

Nick took about 2.7 seconds to make his decision. (He didn’t even need a commercial break!) He told Adam to stuff it. Take Dark Horse. Nick will even throw in a photo of Christian because that’s the closest Adam will ever get to Nick’s boy. But now that Adam knows Kevin has Phyllis and that Summer is out of her mind with worry will he use that as bait to get what he wants from Nick?

Sharon is certainly not happy with Adam, so Adam will do whatever he has to. And that doesn’t ever go well for anyone but Adam. And, sometimes not even Adam. Not if Nick has anything to say about it! Nick may have told Adam he’s welcome to Dark Horse, but Nick told Michael what he needs is a white knight investor to give him a scant $27 million so Nick can save Dark Horse.

Who will he turn to? Jack? Devon? Surely, not Victor! But isn’t it nice to know so many billionaires? Makes life so much simpler. Meanwhile, Rey who took the job as head of Nick’s security team in order to both protect Christian and Dark Horse, seems to be falling down on the job.

He didn’t do anything to stop Phyllis and Adam from hacking in and stealing corporate secrets. (Does Rey even know anything about cyber-security? Is that standard police training?) cotinue reading on the next page —>

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The Young and the Restless Spoilers Tuesday, June 11

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