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Absolute Duo the anime series that aired on Tokyo MX in early 2015, is but to get renewed for Season 2, but when the followers’ calls for are something to go by, new episodes for the present are usually not too distant. Nevertheless, it’s fairly disheartening that though a year has passed for the reason that Season 1 finale, there isn’t a affirmation regarding a brand new season.

As followers know, Tor and Julia, the protagonists of the anime, are each college students of the prestigious Koryo Academy, which teaches college students martial arts. The disciples are additionally trained on wielding an inside weapon known as Blaze, which has the ability to materialise souls.

Tor hopes to make use of the Blaze to turn into a peacekeeper and unlike the remainder of his friends. He has the ability to make use of the Blaze solely as a shield. As a result of this, he will get assigned a partner named Julia, a princess from Scandinavia whose weapon is a sword. She can also be said to own unlimited energy. When the two of them struggle collectively, Tor and Julia turn into the “Absolute Duo.”

Absolute Duo Summary – Absolute Duo Season 2

Absolute Duo Season 1 premiere on January 4, 2015 on AT-X. The anime additionally aired on Tokyo MX, KBS, BS11, and different Japanese television networks. Eight Bit Inc. served as a developer of a 12-episode anime adaptation. Which relies on a Japanese mild novel collection of the same identify. Takumi Hiiragiboshi is a creator of the light novel.

Atsushi Nakayama served as a director of the tv model. Absolute Duo Season 1 got here to an finish on March 22, 2015. The story unfolds in Koryo Academy, an institution. Which is attended by these college students, who’re able to materializing weapons from their soul, often known as “Blazers.”

Within the academy, the scholars attempt to excellent their talents. Every student is paired up with one other one, hoping that in the future they each might gain the ability of Absolute Duo. The first storyline focuses on Tooru Kokonoe, a student, who attends the Academy. Tooru is struggling to perfect his talents since he’s going to take revenge upon the one who’s guilty in his sister’s dying.

Through the opening ceremony, Tooru should fight with the opponent sitting reverse to him. It is clear that the loser must leave the walls of the Academy. Surprisingly, Tooru discovers that he’s the one, who possesses a protective weapon, a shield. He thereby attracts the eye of Julie Sigtuna, a silver-haired lady from Scandinavia, who subsequently turns into his pair.


Absolute Duo Season 2: Release Date 2021 | BCG Anime

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