The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers July 22-26 Next Weeks

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for July 22-26 promise the beginning of the end for the baby swapping scheme. Liam deep dives into Flo’s past, Thomas’s past wrongdoings terrify his enemies, and the honeymoon is over before it begins for the newlyweds. This is definitely a week you will not want to miss.

After a few minor setbacks, Hope becomes Mrs. Thomas Forrester but the marriage is nothing like her hubby expects. Hope agrees to spend the night in his room but is reluctant to get in his bed. She is still very much in love with Liam and not ready to take this step.

Don’t expect Thomas to take the rejection well. He didn’t like it when Caroline said no and he definitely will not like it when his wife turns him down. He dials up the romance, turns down the lights, and tries to sweep her off her feet. But, when all that fails how low will he go?

Teasers show Liam spends his week dismantling Flo’s secrets. The scene at the wedding irks him and he digs for dirt. Oh, and he’ll find some. In fact, he will learn things about Flo he did not see coming. Talk about red flags! The pieces begin scattering when Liam looks into the adoption. Going through the papers and listening to Steffy’s loving story unsettles him.

Something is missing, is up. Something is not right. Expect Liam to go into investigation overload and work overtime to uncover the truth. Liam’s diligence puts Wyatt on high alert too! He realizes there’s something unnerving about Flo and decides to help out. And, he’s right.cotinue reading on the next page —>

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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers July 22-26 Next Weeks

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