The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy’s Actions are Devastating

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy’s Actions are Devastating. That is the million dollar question as Katie and Thorne plan a quickie wedding in part to foil Bill’s Don Diamont) dastardly custody plot plans. Thorne swears his love for Katie is true but is there a little tiny bit of him that wants to stick it to Dollar Bill by becoming the head of the house in which his ex and his son live?

That’s exactly what Katie wondered when he tried to put a ring on it. Smooth talking Thorne assured her that he loves her and wants her happiness, nothing more. Of course, being a happy family would count in their favor in the custody battle as well. But these two seem smitten, so time will tell how everything shakes out.

But you know what they say be careful what you wish for! The fallout from Khorne’s wedding will be epic. Dollar Bill hit the roof when he saw Katie’s bling and has no intention of handing his family over to a Forrester. He and Justin will reach new lows to ruin Khorne, and it won’t be pretty.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers : Steffy’s Actions are Devastating

Khorne’s impending nuptials also have a terrifying effect on Bridge. Each party takes sides in the custody battle, and suffice it to say they are not fighting for the same regiment! Fussing and feuding Ridge and Brooke will be in serious trouble when Ridge finds out that his wife is Bill’s secret ally. Are we about to revisit Brill 34.2 all over again?

Then there’s the upside-down topsy-turvey world Steffy has created over at Forrester Creations. She’s hired Sally Spectra as a designer, frosting Hope’s shorts. Will the blonde mama to be able to swallow her pride and work alongside her husband’s crush? Will she turn to her old flame Wyatt for a shoulder to cry on? Poor Wyatt will be caught in the middle of some serious fireworks as these ladies battle for supremacy.

Two characters we haven’t seen in a while will be drawn out of the woodwork to confront Steffy’s changes. Lovebirds Quinn and Eric must take sides as Hope and Steffy bare their fangs and unleash their claws. Might this cause the happy couple to go to the dark side a la Bridge? Speaking of tense relationships, Steffy has managed to ignite another fire by making hunkalicious Xander the latest male model.

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