The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers Monday February 18

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers Monday February 18. Logan’s sisters are better off alert around CEO Spencer. He hunted for love and Bill finally got what he wanted! However, does Katie need a man? Just because why it wasn’t available and Thorne was married to them, doesn’t mean she could be alone, right?

The bold and the beautiful for Monday, February 18 revealed another heartbreaking day for the LA crowd. Katie was in a state of shock, and bill seemed extremely confused. No luck in love! Poor Katie can cross Thorn to cover her eyes with paper to cancel marriage instead of flowers, and she immerses herself in pity. She thought they were happy. In fact, they even toyed with the idea of? family expansion.

She saw this coming, and it shocked her system. She needs support, and tries to switch to an old person to lean on her shoulder. Unfortunately, it is a bit late to switch to Wyatt. While he could sympathize with her pain, she caused him a lot of pain. One day, they got engaged and then she handed over the ring without much explanation.

Besides, Wyatt has a new girl and they seem to love each other very much. He turned his back on Katie and chose to sleep in bed with Sally. He’s right where he belongs, and he knows it! Invoice ready for romance! Even so, romantic luck Katie may not run out. Bill Don de menthe has some big plans for his life, and they may just include her. continue reading on the next page —>

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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers Monday February 18

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