In Another World With My Smartphone Season 2: Release Date | Ubdate 2020 Will It Happen?

In Another World With My Smartphone Season 2. So about a year ago, I spoke about the chances of a season two for the anime stock in an alternative world reeve a smartphone. And as much as I am NOT the biggest fan of this anime. I did enjoy some aspects of it and I definitely have some fans and friends that did enjoy this anime. They’re constantly asking me if there is any announcements of a season two.

I feel like again I’m only making this video for two reasons is one. Because, a lot of people have been asking about it along with the other anime def march to the parallel world. There’s also a lot of false information going around at this rumours of a season 2 coming out in 2020 then 2021. The year constantly changes every year when that release dates suddenly all time a lot runs out.

Then those websites we change their information to a sort of new rough estimation to kind of lead you on to thinking that. There is a new season and I’ve definitely got some very interesting comments especially seen that was one of.  This anime are quite low and a lot of that comes down to the fact that.

There wasn’t much advertisement done for. It when it came out at the time of it did there is very little to no merchandise sales on this anime. The DVD sales did extremely poorly and even then the alliant novel sales did not even go up very much after the actual first season came out of this anime.

In Another World With My Smartphone Season 2 Will It Happen

Again that really hurts the chances of a season 2 because if an anime gets released. The sales do not do well well that’s instantly a pretty big shot in the foot. But to even then not have the actual light novel sales for this particular anime. Because again, this anime is based on a light novel did not go up much. I mean very minimally. when you look at other animes like quintessential quintuplets. The manga sales have skyrocketed. Due to, its popularity animes like that generally have a very high chance of a season two.

Because of, the DVD sales because of the merchandise. Due to the fact that the manga or the source material goes extremely high in profitability. Because again animes are used as a way to sort of sell the source material. I know a lot of anime fans come here and say that they don’t care for the source material but in Japan. The main primary use for animes is to use as a marketing tool to get people into the mangas.

‘Isekai wa Smartphone’ Release Date

The light novels which is why I encourage people if you are a big fan of an anime go read the source material. Because either that, new anime will not get a season for a really long time unless it’s an anime like slime. Where they already had the idea of working on a season 2 when they started working on season 1. Sometimes that happens when there’s contracts and that is generally the case as soon as season 1 finishes.

They’ll do a season 2 announcement sadly though that didn’t happen for in another world of a smartphone so again. It’s gonna be purely based on how the first season is received. The first season did not get well received in DVD sales. Just overall ratings as a whole and that mainly comes down to the audience that.

It’s aimed at it’s aimed at a young audience that’s generally more encouraged to go get the light novels. But sadly again, if you’re a fan of this anime and you really want to know more about the story. I highly recommend going to the light novels. Because as much as, I believe the chances are very minimal.


In Another World With My Smartphone Season 2: Release Date | Ubdate 2020 Will It Happen?

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