Log Horizon Season 3 | Release Date | Ubdate 2020 Will It Happen?

Log Horizon Season 3 Everything We Know So Far. A lot of that came down to the fact that. We were getting digital and physical releases of the light novels at a much more better pace. We were getting new volumes the author was working on the light novel series. Especially, coming out of the tax evasion. He was quick to get back into making light novels but ever since then and leading up to now. We’ve definitely had some I would say less than stellar news. We’ve definitely seen a very gradual sort of hiatus of the light novel series especially in the physical form currently to the state.

We only have volume 11 the physical form out while there is definitely announcements. Digital versions online where you have to kind of jump through hoops to get to him. But, I’m always been a kind of a physical person over having digital copies of things. It is definitely a bit of a concern to see that things are definitely in a bit of a weird space.

Log Horizon Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

The author has mentioned that he’s working on more volumes. He’s working on these other stories that part of log horizon. But, We haven’t really seen too many results. And even then, it’s just really difficult to kind of get your hands on them digitally. And of course, physically now I have heard some talk just through what research. I could find that there is talk that there may be more physicals coming out of volumes 12.

Onwards that, It’s kind of in a bit of a limbo due to the tax evasion stuff. It’s kind of crept back up on him again that not the actual invasion itself. It’s the reputation and the black mark that’s kind of being put on his name and that is something. I was concerned about was that one of the reasons that season 3 may not happen is. because, the fact there is now sort of a black tarnish on his name no studio company would want to sign up with him or work riffing.

Because again if you work as someone like that And again it happens again. They’re going to walk into you as a particular company and it’s going to put a bit of a bad reputation on them. So I could definitely see some companies not wanting to get their hands dirty. Even though yes he’s sorted it all out. He’s had to pay stuff back and he’s suffered the consequences. Because, these actions and I still again would love to see him continue to do the work that he’s good at he’s made a mistake.

Log Horizon: Will It Happen?

He’s suffered from it and now from this point. I just want to hopefully see him go forward but you can definitely understand. Why these other studios and companies may not want to just again as. I said get their hands dirty but not necessarily just get their hands down. You just have that bad tarnish on them especially with the fact that. What he’s done it’s understandable from both perspectives. I can definitely understand why the studios may not want to do it at the same time.

It’s definitely disappointing especially with how well seasons 1 & 2 of log horizon have always sold. And even in Japan we still see repeats of the anime itself showing. And even then in the streaming services component on. Of course, the main platform that it streams on it is on the top recommendations.

It’s always trending, it’s always doing well log horizon is a very popular series. And I still highly recommend it for those that love that trapped in alternative style worlds. Because it’s kind of one of my favorites along with overlord this is another one that. I really really enjoy seasons 1 & 2. Season 2 definitely had some weaker parts in it at the end.


Log Horizon Season 3 | Release Date | Ubdate 2020 Will It Happen?

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