The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Weeks of August 12-16

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for August 12-16, 2019 promise another explosive week for the LA elite. The fall out from the baby switch saga continues to turn lives upside down and no one will ever be the same. Steffy’s life takes an earth-shattering turn when she hands over Baby Beth. She truly wants to be happy for Hope but the pain of losing her daughter is just too much.

Phoebe was part of her world, part of her heart, and the loss will cut her deep. She considers herself this little girl’s mother and thought she’d have her forever. Hope and Liam celebrate the return of their child and officially introduce their friends and family to Baby Beth. The Logans soak in the miracle and bask in their joy while remembering their gain is another woman’s loss. A woman they also love very much.

The return of their daughter changes everything for Liam and Hope. She takes off her rings from Thomas, tells Liam she loves him, and they’ll finally reunite. They will have the life they dreamed of and always deserved. Thomas keeps his part of his threat and abandons his son. Poor Douglas is left in the lurch. His mother is gone, his father’s runoff, and his new mom has her old life back. Where does this leave the little guy?

While in hiding, Thomas cooks up a new evil plan to keep Hope by his side. His obsession reaches a dangerous height no one will see coming. How much further can he possibly go to keep Hope as his wife? Just wait until you see what he has up his sleeve! Meanwhile, Flo pays for what she did. She knew she would suffer losses but this is more devastating than she thought. cotinue reading on the next page —>

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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Weeks of August 12-16

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