The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Weeks of December 2-6

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for December 2-6, 2019, promise a powerful week for the L.A. elite. Expect love triangles galore as the year-end couple shuffle takes center stage. Who will Ridge kiss when the New Year’s clock strikes midnight? Right now, that’s up in the air. Just when you think it’ll be Shauna, Brooke steps up her game!

Oh, sure, she took off her wedding ring. Yes, she moved Ridge out of her house. Okay, yep, she even agreed to break up. But, she’s definitely not done. She’s sitting down with her not-quite-ex for a heart to heart. Well, okay, not quite a heart to heart. More like a session with a list of demands.

Teasers show Brooke wants a reunion but not without some ground rules. HER ground rules. Will Ridge agree to her terms? Are they even reasonable? This is the make-it-or-break-it moment that will change everything. Meanwhile, Sally and Wyatt’s relationship hits a roadblock when she calls him by the wrong name. Her major faux pas will cut Wyatt like a knife and he may not be so forgiving.

He left her for less before, so there’s no stopping him from walking away. Thomas goes all out to get close to Hope. He can’t stalk her at home so he tries to cozy up to her at the office. Watch as he uses her beloved HFTF line and little Douglas to get his way. cotinue reading on the next page —>

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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Weeks of December 2-6

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