The Young and the Restless Spoilers Preview Week Of August 26-30

The Young and the Restless spoilers s for August 26-30 reveal the war between Billy and Adam escalating while Michael manipulates a dangerous game. Also, Devon gets news about the late Katherine’s estate! Make sure you set your DVR to get all the action! A judge makes his decision as to whether or not little Christian will be returned to Nick or if Adam will be given custody of his son.

After the ruling is made, Nick and Chelsea reconnect. Nick once had deep feelings for the con artist and he’s going to realize that those feelings just don’t go away. Chelsea sees Nick as someone far more stable than Adam is. Watch for Chelsea and Nick to make love, but will they be able to have a happy future? Or will her feelings for Adam always be there?

Adam has even more reason to hate the Newman clan. He’s never felt accepted by either his father Victor or his half-siblings, Nick and Victoria. And now, the judge’s decision giving custody of his son to Nick leaves Adam feeling even more alone. He promises to make the Newmans pay! Billy’s grief over Delia being gone causes him to take on a new persona.

Watch for him to break into Adam’s home and take something that once belonged to Adam’s late mother Hope. The next day, Billy has no memory of his actions. On some level, Billy realizes that he can hurt Adam by going after Hope. A surprise guest will factor into this latest dynamic between the two men who are destined to be enemies for life over Delia’s tragic passing.

Michael appears to be taking his new position as Genoa City’s district attorney very seriously. He’s had Chloe brought in for her past crimes and Kevin’s being held as well for striking his brother in front of witnesses! The last thing Chloe wants is to go to jail because she needs to be there for Bella. Watch for Kevin and Chloe to be surprised when they discover what Michael really has in store for them! cotinue reading on the next page —>

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The Young and the Restless Spoilers Preview Week Of August 26-30

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