The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers Flo will reveal Reese’s secret to Steffy

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, January 24 promise a day of sheer delight and ominous warnings. Tomorrow is a day that can change Steffy’s life forever. She’ll be meeting “Flo’s daughter” for the first time and seeing how things go.

Teasers reveal it’ll only take minutes for Steffy to fall in love with the tiny bundle of joy. She can already feel a strong connection to the baby… as if she was meant to be part of her family. Will this settle the adoption debate once and for all? Steffy’s said all along it would depend on how she feels upon holding the little one. And now that she has, there’s no way she can simply walk away.

It looks like Reese will soon be out of debt. All it’ll take is a signature here, an initial there, a bag full of money… and this deal is set. Steffy will have another little girl, and he’ll get that bookie’s goon off his back. Meanwhile, Wyatt hightails it to the cottage to see Liam. Hope is falling apart, Steffy is days away from adopting, and Liam is stuck in the middle.

All Wyatt wants is for Hope and his brother to feel peace, something that won’t happen with a new baby around. A new addition to the family should be celebrated, but the timing isn’t right and the pain is too raw. continue reading on the next page —>

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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers Flo will reveal Reese’s secret to Steffy

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