The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Wednesday January 23

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, January 23 reveal a day of damage control for Dr. Buckingham! Flo’s ready to explode and Reese is tasked with reining her in. One word to the public and his scheme will fall apart leaving him broke, fired, and behind bars.

He’ll have to do some fancy footwork to keep Flo from spilling his secret. He needs her if he wants his plan to work. In fact, he can’t even move forward without her. She’s the face of his whole operation. What will it take to keep Flo on his side? He has to dial up the charm and promise her the world to keep her lips sealed shut!

But will it be enough? Flo loves money and really likes Reese but this girl has a conscience. This is an icky situation and it’s just not sitting right with her at all. Meanwhile, Wyatt sits down with Steffy for a talk about family planning. Her adoption plans are shaking things up and he’s ready to warn her of the repercussions.

While he knows Liam gave her the go-ahead he just can’t imagine his brother and Hope being okay right now. They just lost their little girl and watching Steffy bring home a new baby won’t be easy. continue reading on the next page —>

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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Wednesday January 23

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