The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers for Tuesday, May 14

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, May 14 reveal a day all about Shauna. She’s getting a new BFF, a sizzling mission, and posh LA digs. You will not want to miss a second as this scheming mama wins big!

Katie desperately wants to trust Bill but she knows better. He hurt her in the past (with her own sister, no less) so she needs to make sure he really is a changed man. In a shocking twist, she is turning to Shauna to help her play a rather seductive game.

Katie wants Shauna to see if Bill will cheat. She got him into bed all those years ago in Vegas so why not have her try again? She’s the perfect person to send in and see where this goes. Of course, Shauna is more than happy to help.

Not only will Shauna get in good with Bill, but it will impress the Logan sisters. They are her family now and she welcomes any bonding experiences she can get. Oh, and this isn’t the only great news to come Shauna’s way.

She and Flo are offered a posh new place to stay that fits their status in life. It’s OUT with the average person condo and IN with a luxurious space fit for a Logan heiress. This move serves to prove mama is always right. If Flo keeps her mouth shut, they can really have it all. cotinue reading on the next page —>

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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers for Tuesday, May 14

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