The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers March 9-13 Next Week

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for March 9-13, 2020, tease a wedding day shocker, a startling make-out session, and surprise feelings bubbling under the surface. Terrible Tom’s wedding is right around the corner and he’s all but rubbing his hands together with an evil grin on his face. However, Team Takedown is growing and they’re not having it.

Steffy and Liam lead the charge as they spread the word about Thomas’s manipulations. They tell Hope everything and even try to talk sense into Zoe. Thomas is a bad dude, and they have to take him down. They may not reel in Zoe but they do get Hope on their side. As the wedding begins, Hope goes in with a plan and she is determined to destroy her ex-husband.

Watch for her to go above and beyond to keep Douglas safe, ruin Thomas’s life, and finally gain a win after all the drama. The nuptials may be all smoke and mirrors but another couple turns up the romance. Dollar Bill and Brooke light up the screen with an unexpected and sizzling kiss. Does this mean Brill is back on? Maybe.

Will there be guilt? Will there be shame? Or will this be a reminder of how hot they used to be? Brooke was the love of Bill’s life once upon a time and she is hard to resist, regardless of his commitment to her sister! This could mean terrible things for Katie. She just finally began trusting Bill again only to have him betray her. He better get a handle on himself before Katie finds out and leaves him high and dry once and for all.

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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers March 9-13 Next Week

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