The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers Next Weeks March 18 – 22, Ubdate

The Bold and the Beautiful, spoilers March 18 — March 22 tease that Hope gives Thomas a long-awaited answer to his marriage proposal. Ultimately, Hope’s decision causes turmoil in both of their families and destroys her truce with Steffy. Meanwhile, Luna reveals to Bill her desire to know her father, while Poppy needs a big favor from Finn.

Monday, March 18, 2024. Poppy Nozawa asks Finn for something big. Hope Logan answers Thomas Forrester’s big final marriage proposal. Luna Nozawa unloads to Bill her frustrations with her daddy mystery.

Tuesday, March 19, 2024. Steffy Forrester is furious at Hope – more angry than she’s ever been! Hope’s answer to Thomas causes huge reactions among the families. Wednesday, March 20, 2024. Hope stands up to Steffy and it looks like it’s gonna be Hope vs Steffy. Carter Walton insists to Liam Spencer that Thomas really is a new man.

Their feud reignites when Hope stands up to Steffy. The Bold and the Beautiful will be preempted on Thursday and Friday, March 21 and 22, for CBS Sports’ March Madness.

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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers Next Weeks March 18 – 22, Ubdate

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