The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers Next Weeks

The Bold and the Beautiful weekly spoilers find Deacon Sharpe putting it all on the line for Sheila Carter the week of October 2-6, 2023. Meanwhile, a mother is on a mission, and someone’s trust is betrayed on B&B. Get a look at the newest weekly spoilers for the CBS sudser.

Next week on B&B, Deacon Sharpe stuns Sheila Carter. He re-creates a romantic dinner for her at Il Giardino like the one he surprised her with months ago. She’s still reeling from the fact that he is the reason she was released from prison.

Then, Deacon shocks her even more when he tells her he cannot live without her. And he spontaneously asks her if she will marry him. Of course, she is speechless, especially because he recently said they needed to end their relationship.

Then, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers confirm he proposes marriage. So she is stunned. She’s also hesitant to say yes. Not because she doesn’t want to, but because she worries about ruining his relationship with his daughter, Hope Logan.

And she also fears he’ll lose the restaurant. Deacon is in a wonderful place in his life, and Sheila does not want to be the reason he loses everything. But he just can’t see his life without Sheila, and he will likely convince her to accept his proposal.

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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers Next Weeks

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