The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers The truth about Flo’s father was revealed

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers All secrets about Flo’s family members will soon be revealed. Everything that happened to flow made her more surprised Shawna is skeptical of what Bill is about. She thinks Bill is Flo’s father but doesn’t know how to make things better. She needs a test to be able to confirm the correct result.

Flo will check in next time. Perhaps Flo’s test results do not match Bill. Every fan knows that the difficulties that are happening to Flo and Hope, Liam need to be more fun and approachable on many different options. Some information about loading will be clarified in the near future.

It will definitely be suitable in every particularly important issue. It was Storm, it seemed that Storm was dead. Will katie be able to engage with him during this time? These are definitely important issues during this time.

Flo can be connected by many different and more specific options. She can clear customs and more proper and reasonable forms. Especially understand more about Storm through all her close friends. She wants and is sure to be able to continue and maintain a more stable spirit.

Meanwhile things happen more and more difficult and troublesome in every situation. Hope and Flo are getting closer. Therefore, Flo became more and more worried in everything that happened unexpectedly. The feelings of Flo and Wyatt are more and more stable together.

But when the truth exposes, they can still be together. Because they are not blood relatives. Their love is lasted together in the past and more specifically they found similarities. Flo, Wyatt and Quinn will have closer and longer connections. They can find everything stable. cotinue reading on the next page —>

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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers The truth about Flo’s father was revealed

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