The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Thursday, February 27 B&B Ubdate

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, February 27, 2020, reveal Wyatt going above and beyond to sweep Sally off her feet and Katie touching base with Flo. Everyone is pulling for the fiery redhead but are they going about it the wrong way? Wyatt turns up the heat and dials up the romance as he tries to sweep Sally off her feet.

He claims to love her, he claims to want her, and he even invites her to move back into the beach house. He made a mistake leaving her, he says. However, it’s all just smoke and mirrors. That doesn’t matter to Wyatt, though. What are a few little white lies (and one too many whoppers) if it’s all for the greater good?

Who cares about Sally’s dignity? Wyatt likes playing the white knight so this kind of ploy is right up his alley. Will Sally fall for it, though? She has mere weeks left to live and no reason to think Wyatt is lying. Why not let him love her until the very end?

Meanwhile, Katie sings Flo’s praises after finding out about her and Wyatt’s plan. Stepping back is such a great thing to do and Flo is so sweet for putting Sally first. Katie just can’t get enough of her new niece and personal savior.

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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Thursday, February 27 B&B Ubdate

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