The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers For Wednesday, September 2

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, September 2, 2020, promise a great day full of family for Hope and Liam — while Steffy suffers alone. Liam and Hope are all about babies and bonding when they bring Kelly for a visit. The girls are bonding, the couple is thriving, and life is very, very good. Oh, why can’t more days be like this?

Well, why can’t they? Steffy needs time to heal so why shouldn’t they pick up more slack? Having the girls together is a good thing and Liam certainly could use more time with his daughter. This gets the couple considering having a bigger role in Kelly’s life.

Will Steffy agree to let go more, though? She’s a busy woman who is still trying to heal from her accident. There’s no way she’d say no, right? As for Steffy, she spends her day focusing on self-care and her pill bottle. She’s home alone, in a lot of pain, and mulling over her life.

Well, wallowing in it, really. She flashes back to her life with Liam and truly wishes it was her spending time with him and the girls. She misses Liam, she misses Kelly, and she even misses being Phoebe’s mother.

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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers For Wednesday, September 2

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