The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers Monday, August 10, B&B

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Monday, August 10, 2020 reveal Brooke preparing to sweep Ridge off his feet, the dressmaker struggling with how to drop his marriage bombshell, and Steffy trying to keep a level head. Brooke’s ready for a reunion and turns up the heat. She wants passion, romance, and a chance to reconnect with her man, but will she get it?

Little does she know, he’s not her man anymore, and may never be again if Shauna gets her way. Poor Ridge finds his soulmate ready to restart their life and struggles with how to tell her the ugly truth. He was blindsided by his surprise drunken marriage and he can only imagine how this will go over.


How does he tell Brooke he hit the bottle too hard and ended up saying “I do” to another woman? And, worse — that woman is Shauna! Meanwhile, Steffy continues struggling with her recovery and keeping the pain at bay. She can hardly move but is still reluctant to take the pills.

Sure, they help, but she’s also afraid they’ll hurt her in the end. Spoilers show it’s Thomas who talks sense into his sister. There is no harm in relieving her pain and helping her recovery along, right? She has around the clock care for Kelly and needs to focus on herself and getting better right now.

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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers Monday, August 10, B&B

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