The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Zoe’s Pregnant, Who Is Baby Daddy

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers Zoey’s pregnancy shocker. I can a lot is happening in Bold and Beautiful all of the drama of revenge and love triangle. But there has been one drama that has been missing in the show the pregnancy shockers.

However looks like it is about to get covered. As well since more than a beautiful spoilers indicate that Zoe Buckingham might be getting a shocking news after all of the wedding drama. We all know Zoe has been through a lot of pain. So after dating Carter Walton would she be finding out that she is pregnant whose baby will it be is it Curtis or thermoses.

And if it is Thomas’s baby will she try to pass it with Carter’s since we all know. She’s hurt by the villain and his deeth will she not want to ruin her new budding romance Zoe’s feeling for thalmus we all know. How Zoe’s genuinely had feelings for the ultimate bad boy Bold and beautiful.

And she believed him when he said she was the one apparently he was just using her to get Hope Logan. However even though she found out the truth a weeks prior to their wedding day she still believed that their relationship was real the two even slept together which indicates.

That the baby might be thermoses and on the other hand. While she was with romance carter was interested in the forest equations model. Now that her relationship has fallen apart she might decide to give the legal eagle a chance.

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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Zoe’s Pregnant, Who Is Baby Daddy

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