Best Things You Didn’t Know about Carlos Watson

Sometimes life takes you down paths you never could’ve imagined, and that’s been the case for Carlos Watson. Over the years, he has found success at a number of things including journalism and politics. In most recent years, however, entrepreneurship has been his calling.

He is the co-founder of OZY Media and he has had an important role in revolutionizing the talk show world. Along the way, he has built a massive audience and he’s become a very prominent online figure. Despite the fact that he’s been working for decades, in a lot of ways, Carlos is just getting started and his future looks incredible. Here are best things you didn’t know about Carlos Watson.

He Has An Ivy League Education

Schooling is something that has consistently been vital to Carlos. He moved on from Harvard University in the mid 1990s with a four year certification in government. He then, at that point proceeded to procure a law degree from Stanford University. Despite the fact that he is not, at this point in school, he actually cherishes learning new things at whatever point he finds the opportunity.

He’s An Emmy Award Winner

At the point when you’ve placed in a great deal of difficult work to achieve an objective, there’s nothing better than being perceived for it. In the news and media outlets, that acknowledgment regularly comes as an honor. Carlos Watson is lucky to have the option to say he’s won a few honors including a few Emmys.

Family Is Important To Him

Once in a while when individuals get fruitful, they will in general disregard individuals who have been with them since the start. Carlos has never fallen into that snare, however. He is a family-situated individual and he respects his associations with his friends and family.

He Loves Fashion

Since Carlos doesn’t work in the style business doesn’t imply that he can’t look honorary pathway prepared consistently. Carlos loves design and he has a smooth fashion awareness. He adores assembling outfits and has a whole feature area on Instagram devoted to sharing his every day fits.

He Likes Watching Documentaries

Despite the fact that Carlos loves what he does, there are times when he jumps at the chance to kick back and unwind and not need to consider work. During a meeting with The Grio, Carlos shared that he appreciates watching narratives in his leisure time and he’s a devotee of Ken Burns’ work.


Best Things You Didn’t Know about Carlos Watson

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