Best Things You Didn’t Know about Justin Brescia

Oh, Justin Brescia. It takes a significant impact on the world to go by a name that isn’t even your full name and still have almost everyone recognize who you are. We all remember Justin Bobby, star of “The Hills,” alongside famous faces such as Lauren Conrad.

Justin Brescia was somewhat of a reprobate in those days, on-once more, and off-again with his better half Audrina, and the vast majority were either supporting them or considering what in heaven’s name she was doing with him. In any case, however, he’s an easily recognized name as a result of it, and numerous individuals are pondering where he is today.

He’s in a Band

Justin Bobby is in a band. He has numerous jobs, including guitarist and singer. Nonetheless, he’s additionally the percussionist for his band, which is called BobbyrocK. They are based out of Austin, Texas, however we do realize that Justin Bobby is a brought up Orange County, California kid.

He is Ready to Settle Down

He is going to turn 40, so this ought not come as an astonishment to anybody. In any case, the rumored awful kid has clarified that he’s prepared to get everything in order and stop with the awful kid circumstance so he can settle down and have his very own group. He sees himself at last having children and a spouse, and he sees himself as customary around there.

He Feels Misunderstood

Justin Bobby doesn’t feel that the world comprehends him well. He feels that he’s been depicted to be one person when he’s simply not that person. The facts demonstrate that he doesn’t generally impart his life to the world and open up as much as others, yet that doesn’t mean he is certainly not a customary person with conventional qualities and a profound comprehension of himself.

He was a Hairdresser

Before he was a reality star on TV back in the mid 2000s, he was a stylist. This ought not come as a shock to anybody thinking about how incredible his hair is. What is astonishing, in any case, is that he was a stylist for some celebrated individuals. He worked for Maroon 5 doing the band’s hair.

He Opened Three Salons

Justin Bobby followed his fantasies for quite a while. Following his first stretch as a general rule TV, he opened three salons. He had two in the United States – in New York and Los Angeles – and he had one in Nicaragua. The two US areas have since shut, however we couldn’t say whether the third in Nicaragua is as yet open.

Justin Brescia Net Worth

After his stint on “The Hills,” the hairdresser opened a few salons called “Brush Your Hair” in New York, California, and Nicaragua. However, his two U.S. salons have since closed. Brescia also had his own hair care line of the same name, which included products like shampoo, conditioner, and hair wax .

Justin Brescia Net Worth
Justin Brescia Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Brescia is currently worth $150,000. However, that amount may increase as Brescia is currently starring in Season 2 of “The Hills: New Beginnings.”


Best Things You Didn’t Know about Justin Brescia

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