Best Things You Didn’t Know About Raul Castillo

Raul Castillo has been sharing his acting skills with the world for more than 20 years. During that time, he has built a solid reputation throughout the industry, and he’s also garnered the admiration of fans all over the world. Raul is the kind of actor who can easily move between genres.

His ability to bring characters to life in ways that are authentic and entertaining is something that hasn’t gone unnoticed. Throughout his career, he has become known for a variety of film and TV roles. Most recently, he has been getting a lot of attention for the movie Army of the Dead. He also has a handful of other projects coming up that are sure to bring him even more attention. Here are best things you didn’t know about Raul Castillo.

He Was A Chubby Kid

Raul might be thin and trim now, yet that wasn’t generally the situation. Indeed, his youth epithet really came from the way that he wasn’t exceptionally thin. He disclosed to The Imagista, “My family epithet is Gordo. Since I was nearly nothing, I was a tubby child and Mexicans offer monikers to everybody and I got Gordo, which implies the fat one.”

He’s In A Relationship

Because of his job in the TV arrangement Looking, there are a few group who feel that Raul is gay. While is upholds the LGBTQ+ people group, Raul isn’t gay, in actuality. He has a sweetheart named Alexis Forte who functions as an outfit creator. The couple presently lives in New York City.

He Wrote A Play

Being in front of an audience isn’t the solitary thing Raul adores about theater. He additionally appreciates composing plays. On top of composing plays in school, he additionally kept on sharpening his specialty after graduation. His play, Between You, Me and the Lampshade, appeared in Chicago in 2015. It’s indistinct on the off chance that he intends to compose more plays later on.

He Was In A Band

Acting is the thing that Raul has put the vast majority of his time and energy into, however it’s anything but the solitary imaginative ability he has. He is additionally a performer who plays the bass. While in secondary school, he was an individual from a troublemaker band. Lamentably, we couldn’t find any of his old music.

He Narrated An Audiobook

Raul is generally acclaimed for his on-screen work, but on the other hand he’s fiddled with voice going about also. He is the storyteller of an Audible restrictive called Life Ever After. Right now, this gives off an impression of being the solitary voice work he’s done, however it’ll be fascinating to check whether he accomplishes more down the line.


Best Things You Didn’t Know About Raul Castillo

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