Best Things You Didn’t Know About Sofia Mattsson

Not to be confused with the Swedish wrestler of the same name, actress Sofia Mattsson has been a fixture in the world of soap operas since joining the cast of General Hospital in 2018. While actors who primarily work in soap operas are sometimes not taken as seriously, Sofia has proven that her talent deserves to be acknowledged and respected.

Her resume has nearly two dozen credits and she has brought something special to every project she’s worked on. On top of that, being on General Hospital has given her career a level of consistency that most actors can only dream of. Here are best things you didn’t know about Sofia Mattsson.

She’s Expecting Her First Child

Sorry to anyone out there who was anticipating sliding in Sofia’s DMs, however she isn’t intrigued. She is cheerfully hitched to entertainer Thomas Payne. As of late, Sofia declared that she is pregnant with the couple’s first youngster and she was unable to be any more eager to be beginning her excursion towards parenthood.

She Likes To Travel

Not just has Sofia lived in both Sweden and the United States, however her movements have taken her everywhere on the world. She cherishes the experience of visiting new spots and she’s been to a few nations including France and Italy. Regardless of where she goes, however, Sweden will consistently be near her heart.

She’s A Private Person

Sofia has gone through almost 10 years in media outlets. There are presumably still a many individuals who feel like they don’t think a lot about her. That is on the grounds that she has remained genuinely private all through her profession. All things considered, she jumps at the chance to keep the entirety of the focus on her work.

She Loves Fashion

There are a few group who can wear nearly anything and make it look great. Sofia Mattsson is one of those individuals. She has an incredible fashion awareness and an innate capacity to assemble extraordinary outfits. In addition to the fact that she wants to put her best self forward, yet style is additionally another path for her to put herself out there.

She’s An Entrepreneur

A great many people who know about Sofia Mattsson know her best for being an entertainer. Nonetheless, many don’t understand that she’s additionally a money manager. She has taken her adoration for style and transformed it’s anything but a veggie lover tote brand called Ava Carrington. Sofia began the organization with her sister, Helen. As indicated by the business’ site, the sisters “dispatched Ava Carrington in 2019 after their quest for very much planned, great purses that were additionally feasible and cold-bloodedness free uncovered a void that they chose to fill themselves. With insubordinate spirits and a deep rooted love for innovativeness and plan, the Mattsson sisters set off to make packs the two of them could glance heavenly in, and be pleased to convey.”

She Likes To Stay Active

Carrying on with a sound way of life is exceptionally high on Sofia’s need list. As well as eating a decent eating regimen, she likewise prefers to keep herself fit as a fiddle by remaining as dynamic as possible. As well as going to the rec center, she appreciates doing a wide assortment of activities including combative techniques.


Best Things You Didn’t Know About Sofia Mattsson

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