Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Ben And Ciara’s Summer Miracle

DOOL spoilers for summer 2021 confirm that Ciara will come back to Salem. During her last stint, she was found alive but unconscious. She accidentally caused a gas leak, as well as an explosion inside the glass cage.

Ben carried his wife into the hospital and she had surgery. However, when Ciara woke up, she was missing three years of memories. That just happened to include the “Cin” love story. By the time Ciara made her exit, she decided to leave Salem with Theo Carver.

The two are currently in South Africa and the last we heard, Hope Brady was supposed to meet Theo and Carver there. “Cin” shippers were upset that Ciara still couldn’t remember her husband by the time Konefal wrapped up the story arc.

Head writer Ron Carlivati promised “Cin” fans that they will get the right kind of payoff during Ben and Ciara’s summer story. Within days of Theo and Ciara leaving Salem aired, the head writer spoke out about the amnesia storyline. In separate interviews, Carlivati explained that it was difficult to write Ben and Ciara due to her always leaving the soap.

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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Ben And Ciara’s Summer Miracle

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