Days of our Lives Spoilers For Monday, May 24 DOOL

Days of our Lives spoilers for Monday, May 24, 2021, tease Jan running on fumes, Ben getting a visitation from a not so friendly ghost, and Steve and Kayla trying, and failing, to enjoy date night.

All Jan wanted was to be Mrs. Shawn Douglas Brady and Claire’s “bonus mama.” She assumed she’d achieve that goal with the one two punch of murdering Allie’s rapist – and Claire’s tormentor – and framing Belle for the crime…but you know what they say about assumptions.

It turns out that Claire isn’t at all grateful to learn exactly what went down in Charlie’s apartment the night he died – and a highly disappointed Jan decides that drastic action is necessary to convince Claire that was she did was righteous!

Meanwhile, Belle gets alarming news from slimy Dr. Snyder. Might he have some warning about Jan, his former patient? Or could there be some problem with John or Brady? When it comes to University Hospital, you can never be too sure that you’ll actually come out better than when you went in.

As if Ben wasn’t feeling blue enough, he receives a visit from Jordan from the great beyond. Here’s hoping that this ghoul is Good Girl Jordan and not that bitter twisted fiend who was so hell-bent on “saving” Ciara from Ben that she tried to poison the young woman with a tainted brownie.

That Jordan, we, and Ben can do without. Steve and Kayla ask for so little…and they get even less. So it should come as no surprise to either one of them when their romantic evening is rudely interrupted.


Days of our Lives Spoilers For Monday, May 24 DOOL

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