Our Favorite Days of Our Lives Moms

Days of Our Lives fans love a good mom, and we think that there are a lot of them around Salem. They make mistakes, like all moms, but they seem to want to do the right thing and make it work for everyone. They are the kinds of moms who love their kids, who do what they can to make sure their kids make it in life, and they always have their back.

No matter what kind of horrible and upsetting things happen around here, there are a few moms who would simply never allow anyone to do anything that is bad or ugly or horrible to their kids – unless they do it themselves, of course. So, we thought we might spend this weekend becoming familiar with a few of the moms who are just the best.


Jennifer is one of those mothers who might do anything for her child and little girl. She has, as well. She may have had a couple of seconds throughout her life when she didn’t do things that were great, yet she was in a dull spot. At the point when her better half was killed sparing their girl’s life, she experienced a dim time. Jack was the adoration for her life, and she’d lost him everlastingly (or so we as a whole idea at that point). She was astonished, disturbed, and not herself. She turned into a fanatic, and she had some harsh occasions.

Notwithstanding, she had the option to arrange it and to ger her life in the groove again after everything self-destructed. She had returned to her old self before any longer, and she even discovered her significant other was perfectly healthy and without his memory of her, and she did everything she could to assemble their family back. She’s a decent mother to her children, in any event, when they don’t agree.


Marlena has been around once or twice, and she has a couple of children beause of it. She’s really got four of her own, including twins Sami and Eric. She’s done everything she can to ensure she’s been there for them from the time they were conceived. She didn’t have a simple time with her girl, Sami, however she had a great deal going on in her existence with every one of that was going on.

As a result of the men throughout her life that she didn’t need in her life, she had a difficult time once in a while. She had things happening to her that she would not like to see happening to her. She made some harsh memories, and she needed to make sense of a couple of things all alone. However, in any event, when she couldn’t like her own children hence, she despite everything do everything she could for them.


Hope has done what she could do. She’s been a cop, a boss, a spouse, a mother, a grandma, and she’s done everything. She went through quite a bit of her time on earth ensuring nobody could hurt anybody in Salem, and it didn’t generally make her present in her children’s lives.

Notwithstanding, she’s done everything she could for them, and she’s constantly put them first. There were times that she didn’t generally have similar sentiment as her children, however she never threw in the towel from needing to be available in their lives and be around for them when they required her the most. Take, for instance, the time that she had the option to discover her girl, Ciara, was dating Ben. An indicted executioner who was delivered from a psychological establishment was not her concept of an ideal counterpart for her girl, however she did what she needed to never really up with it.

She didn’t care for it, however she made it work. She made sense of it, she ruined things for quite a while, however she at last discovered it in her heart to excuse her little girl and permit it. In any event, when she was Princess Gina and not in charge of her own psyche, she had the option to come out and ensure her children were thought about, cherished, and shielded from everything terrible that occurred in the realm of Salem.


Our Favorite Days of Our Lives Moms

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