Days of Our Lives Spoilers : Salem to continue searching for EJ

Days of Our Lives Spoilers : Salem to continue searching for EJ. Jennifer has felt guilty about keeping a huge secret from Eric Brady. She knows the real reason Nicole left town. She saw how Eric reacted to the news that EJ is alive. He expressed how cruel it was to keep someone from their soulmate. She realizes that Nicole is Eric’s soulmate. Jennifer certainly doesn’t want to lose him but she also doesn’t want to be the runner-up in his heart. Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that Jennifer will tell Eric the truth. Her revelation will send him searching for Nicole.

Once Jennifer reveals the truth Eric will also go after Brady Black. The truce between the step-brothers is over. Eve Donovan will also suffer. She will be exposed for her part in Brady losing custody of his son. Likewise, expect to see a showdown between Jennifer and Eve as well. Once they both lose the men they love the gloves will come off.

Days of Our Lives spoilers explain that Eric will search for Nicole and Sami Brady will search for EJ. Soap Opera Digest fall previews reveal the two searches will intersect. DOOL Spoilers state that Eric will find a surprise when he reaches the location he believes Nicole is at. What or who might Eric find?

DOOL Spoilers & News : Salem to continue searching for EJ

Nicole’s return will affect almost everyone in Salem. With the murder of Deimos Kiriakis still hanging over Nicole’s head and her taped confession in Xander Cook’s ands, anything is possible. Brady has shown remorse for blackmailing Nicole but will he still be remorseful when his world once again falls apart? Without the taped confession Brady has nothing on Nicole. Xander hates Nicole, Eric, and Brady so Nicole might be in even more trouble now.

Sami already traveled the world looking for EJ. Resigned to the fact that he was dead she stopped her search. Kristen has given Sami hope once more that her soulmate is alive. With Kristen going into hiding Sami won’t have much information to go on as she searches. Sami is headstrong. She will stop at nothing to find EJ. Sami will steamroll over anyone who gets in her way.

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