Days of Our Lives Spoilers : Stefen is the one who made Steve arrested

Days of Our Lives spoilers Stefen is the one who made Steve arrested. September 5 promise an emotional and heartbreaking day in Salem. You won’t want to miss a moment of this dramatic episode. John has proven over and over again over the last 30 years just how much he loves Marlena through thick and thin and all things DiMera.

But he never expected yet another DiMera to put her in this position especially not Kristen, who everyone believed was dead. And he certainly didn’t expect her to show back up on their wedding day, looking to kill him or both of them.

Now, it was Marlena who was shot and John anxiously waits for Marlena to wake up post-surgery. Will he be able to go on if the worst happens and she never wakes up? Or, will his love provide yet another miracle for their love story?

DOOL Spoilers & News : Stefen is the one who made Steve arrested

Stefan thought he had enough on his plate dealing with Abigail and her pregnancy. He’s shocked when he finds learns a relative he thought was dead is not and is running from the law.

When he’s faced with a tough choice, will the DiMera side of him take over the side that is willing to do anything to save blood kin? Or will he not want to risk his own freedom just as he embraces becoming a father?

Speaking of Abigail, she’s been lamenting everything that’s happened these last few weeks and come to some pretty smart conclusions… even if she doesn’t know it.

She confides in JJ that she thinks Gabi is out to get her. Will a shocked JJ side with his sister or his ex-girlfriend? Lani is getting on with her life after losing her son but it sure isn’t easy. But having Eli around seems to be comforting.

She and Eli have a close moment while working together. Could this be the start of something wonderful on the heels of something so tragic?

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