Days of Our Lives Spoilers : Death came close to Marlena

Days of Our Lives spoilers Death came close to Marlena. Thursday, September 6 reveal a day of fury and heartache that threaten to tear families apart. You won’t want to miss a moment of this emotional episode.

Brady is worried sick about Paul as his brother fights for his life after saving Sami and falling out a third-story window with Kristen. Brady can’t forgive himself that he put his brother in harm’s way, and he feels extremely protective. So he absolutely blasts Will when he overhears the young man declare his love for Sonny.

After all, it’s pretty low to kick a man when he’s down, and considering Paul almost died, Brady is appalled that the man Paul loves would turn on him now of all times… and with the man who already broke his heart more than once.

DOOL News : Death came close to Marlena

John has been by Marlena’s side since the moment that gun went off on their wedding day. He’s been imploring her to wake up and come back to him.

Spoilers reveal that he finds Marlena in crisis as Valerie tries to save her life. Could this really be the end of their fairytale love story? Eli has been feeling a tug of the heart towards Lani as they continue to navigate the world without their child.

Eli finds the courage after a couple of rejections already to confess his feelings. Will she be more open to them this time or is he looking to have his heart broken yet again?

Abigail is more convinced than ever that Gabi has been working against her, and is determined to find out the truth. In order to do that, Abigail confronts her supposed best friend about whether she has been working to undermine her. Will Gabi finally come clean about everything she’s done with her revenge plot? Don’t hold your breath.

Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC. You should not miss this amazing and breathtaking episode. Do not forget to share !!!


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