Days of Our Lives News DOOL ends in 2020

Days of Our Lives News DOOL ends in 2020. Rafe Hernandez and Hope Brady continue to argue and turn to others. Sami Brady and Ted Laurent may get in the way of the couple yet again. The gap between these two keeps on getting bigger. Therefore, is a Rope breakup in their future?

It looks like Rafe isn’t sticking around Salem to help Hope try to take down Ben Weston and Stefan DiMera. Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Sami calls Rafe and needs some help. Rafe, maybe surprisingly, heads out of town to do just this. Obviously, Hope will not appreciate this. Sami has been a thorn in Hope’s side since Rafe and Sami slept together.

While the couple may have said they got past this, it doesn’t seem like they have. The last time Sami was in town, Hope was icy in most of their scenes together. Hope showed a sliver of friendliness right before Sami left Salem. It looked like they decided to put past issues aside. But now that Rafe is leaving town to help her out, could Sami be getting in the way of Rope yet again?

Once Rafe departs Salem, Hope is alone in her quest to get Ben Weston behind bars and far away from Ciara Brady. While she may have succeeded in blocking Ben from Ciara, she would still like to see him back in prison. But who will help her now that Rafe is gone to help Sami? continue reading on the next page —>

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Days of Our Lives News DOOL ends in 2020

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