Days of Our Lives News DOOL ends in 2020

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that she may begin to rely on Ted Laurent. While she definitely doesn’t trust the scheming lawyer, she has been spending a lot of time with him. Plus, she tried to get Ted to represent Gabi Hernandez, a suggestion that Rafe Hernandez did not like.

Ted is charismatic and Hope Brady may fall for this. After all, if her husband is away with the woman he cheated with, she is likely frustrated and hurt. Will Ted help her bring down both Stefan and Ben? And if so, could the two grow closer in the process?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Rope Breakup Ahead?

Let’s be honest. Rope isn’t necessarily the most popular couple on Days of Our Lives. Some viewers love them, while others really hate this pairing. Of course, a ton of fans can’t imagine Hope with anyone else other than Bo Brady.

The two never really got over Rafe cheating with Sami. They broke trust and it took them a while to regain love and understanding. It seems like every time things are good with them, something happens to pull them apart.

Most recently, they’ve fought over Hope protecting Ted. They also argued over Rafe protecting Gabi amid everything awful she did. With all this strife, these two might be headed towards a breakup. Can Hope Brady and Rafe Hernandez survive these trials or is Rope doomed?


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Days of Our Lives News DOOL ends in 2020

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