Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Claire shocker – Becomes a true killer

Days of our lives spoilers: As we know, last year’s Cabin burning has not found the real killer. All doubts are always on Ben. Because at that time, Ben had lost control. Hope accused Ben of starting last year’s cabin fire that almost killed Cierra’s daughter after Cierra’s motorbike accident. Cierra was trapped in the cabin and burned, unable to move due to leg injuries and being rescued at the last minute.

However, Ben insisted that he was not the one who set up this fire. He even went to Marlena to hypnotize him to make sure he didn’t do it. However, Hope persevered in believing that Ben was the most capable person who began to stir.

Later, Ben is still arrested for evidence created by someone and everything is revealed when Tripp himself created the evidence with the aim of wanting Ben to leave Cierra.

And now, when Jordan returned and started another fire in the cabin when Cierra was inside some speculated that it might be Jordan who also started the first fire. She may have plotted to frame Ben and take him away to save others from the road back then.

And the surprise that we don’t think about. That was Claire the real culprit in the first fire, not Jordan why Claire could appear at that time. What is Claire’s engine when burning fire. She will find herself in deep legal trouble for cracking and trying to kill people. continue reading on the next page —>

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Claire shocker – Becomes a true killer


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