Days of Our Lives Spoilers Jack betrayed JJ, defeated Malinda and his family

As we all know, Jack Deveraux, Abe Carver and Melinda Trask are all competing to run for mayor. Of course, Jack’s commitment to politics was due to Eve’s urging. Although Jack is a newcomer to Salem for a short time and may not have understood the life of the people here. But he knows, with Eve’s guidance, he will use a proper campaign. What if there is a bit of ruse and a bit of ruse that could make Jack win?

It seems that Melinda and Hayley will soon be troubled by the secret they are trying to hide. Unfortunately for them while arguing about Hayley’s sister’s illegal immigration problem, Eve accidentally heard it. At the same time, JJ Deveraux also told Jack that between Haley and Melinda they have a close relationship with their sisters and Haley is having difficulty with undocumented immigration.

Now things will get worse when eve has grasped the back of an opponent competing with Jack here. Finally the couple Eve and Jack decided what to do with Haley’s secret. They will wait until the mayor debate is taking place and at the same time it is also a good time for them to expose the secret.

Of course this will be a fatal blow to defeat a formidable competitor like Melinda in the race to become mayor. Maybe the attachment of JJ and Jack wasn’t close enough for him to keep the secret as JJ’s wish.

Or because Eve’s impulse wants Jack to tell this truth and it will help him make the magic that makes him get more votes. Of course, Eve had another thought when she wanted Jack to tell the truth. It was his relationship with JJ and Jennifer that would become tense and this thought she would keep to herself. continue reading on the next page —>

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Jack betrayed JJ, defeated Malinda and his family


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