Days of Our Lives Spoilers Tripp found great evidence to accuse Claire

The cabin fire last year has yet to find the killer. Of course, there were some doubts for some and most recently Jordan. But it seems that doubts are not true and Jordan also denies doing it. Well, the Salem Police will be very headache in finding the culprit that actually caused this fire. But one thing is certain that this fire is aimed at Cierra.

So who hates Sierra so much that she wants her to die? And DOOL  fans will soon see Claire’s image in the smoky cabin this may be a flashback she is recalling. And besides, Cierra was tied. The image of Claire at that time might be wondering if she should save Cierra.

Although the picture still does not say who is the true culprit of that fire. But one thing was certain, Claire was present in the fire and she witnessed Cierra in danger. Or she is the one who caused his fire. He must be a fan who is anxious to know the true identity of the person who caused the fire, which will be revealed soon.

At the same time, Tripp will unknowingly discover a secret when he searches for something in Claire’s jewelry box and discovers something unexpectedly in her box and it has could it be related to cabin fires last year? And Tripp will face Claire to accuse her of what he found. But maybe Claire will create a vulgus story to justify it. continue reading on the next page —>

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Tripp found great evidence to accuse Claire


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