Days of Our Lives Spoilers Fans want Rafe and Sami to become a couple

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Xander Cook will approach a family member with a deal. Consider his volatile history with Victor Kiriakis, will the two reach agreeable terms? Or will it cause even more drama in Salem?

There is no confirmation on what kind of deal Xander wants from Victor. However, fans are speculating that it has to do with running Titan. That has always been his goal in the past, to be in charge of the family business. But as viewers know, nobody in the family likes or respects Xander.

Days of Our Lives spoiler tease that Xander won’t the only one making deals. Victor will have one of his own, but not for Xander. He gives Brady Black an opportunity he just can’t pass up. Could he make Brady CEO of Titan in order to avoid giving it to Xander?

It seems that there will be more conflict ahead for the Kiriakis family. With Victor, Xander and Brady, expect things to reach a boiling point. What will be the outcome of this storyline? How will Victor react to Xander’s deal? Is it connected to his offer to Brady? continue reading on the next page —>

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Fans want Rafe and Sami to become a couple


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