Days of our Lives Spoilers for Friday, June 14 DOOL

Days of our Lives spoilers for Friday, June 14 promise a day of lies, confessions, and heartbreak throughout Salem. Hope has some explaining to do, Ted spills to the wrong person, and Xander toys with everyone’s emotions. You won’t want to miss a moment of this emotional episode.

It’s showdown time between Hope and Kate when they face off over Ted. Kate knows the damage the scheming liar can do and warns Hope to stay far away. Unfortunately, instead of heeding her warning, Hope flies off the handle.

Get your snacks ready for this snarky battle. Insults, harsh words, and even a threat or two will leave the ladies red-faced and bitter. Speaking of Ted, he has some drama of his own coming up. Expect a rather eye-opening meeting to go down between the legal eagle and “Nicole.” He has a secret, she has many, and one of them will make a jaw-dropping confession.

This slip could change everything. It lets the wrong person in on and shows a major schemer’s true colors. Meanwhile, Xander sits through an onslaught of questions about Rolf’s diary full of medical magic.

Where is it? What’s in it? Can anything save Will? And, most important, what will it take to get him to hand it over? Everyone knows Xander is not exactly a giving man. He expects payback and rewards for every good deed he ever does. So, what price will he demand this time?

reveal tissues may be in order. Haley prepares for the worst when ICE pushes through her deportation. She and JJ will share a gut-wrenching scene as they prepare to say goodbye. They’ll say it’s for now, but is it really forever? cotinue reading on the next page —>

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Days of our Lives Spoilers for Friday, June 14 DOOL


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