Days of our Lives Spoilers for Thursday, June 13 DOOL

Days of our Lives spoilers for Thursday, June 13 reveal dangerous plays and impressive schemes as three of the biggest cons in Salem go for broke. Kristen plays her brother, Xander tries to catch Sarah’s eye, and Ted tries to impress the pants off Hope. This is one episode you will not want to miss.

Kristen wants all Salem life has to offer. She wants the biggest house, the hottest guy, and the top spot at her family’s company. Kristen knows she has to play this all real slow, especially after Brady turning her down over and over. She may not have the man but she can at least start on rising through the ranks at DiMera. Kristen dons her Nicole mask and heads to Daddy’s house.

Yes, she’s off to the DiMera mansion to meet with the brother she barely knows. She needs a job and all but demands Stefan gives her one. Spoilers reveal the ploy works. Who can turn down a grieving mother when she’s asking for a hand up? Stefan feels terrible for Nicole (especially since the kidnapping happened on his watch) and he freely offers her a top DiMera spot.

Eve’s offer lights a fire under Ted. He sees a big opportunity to play Hope’s hero and decides to go for broke. If he can pull off his grand plan she may finally fall into his arms once and for all. However, this means he has to play with Ben’s entire future. This young man’s second chance at life is on the line.

Unfortunately, Ted has no qualms about gambling with Ben’s freedom if it means landing the woman he loves. Xander is also trying to impress. He wants Sarah and will do almost anything to get back on her radar. Xander is offering up a grand gesture he’s sure will do the trick. Will it, though? cotinue reading on the next page —>

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Days of our Lives Spoilers for Thursday, June 13 DOOL


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