Days of Our Lives Spoilers for October 16

Days of Our Lives spoilers for October 16 reveal Gabi stepping up her cruel plan of revenge against Abby in a way you won’t believe! You’re not going to want to miss a moment of this emotional episode!

Gabi has been plotting horribly against her bestie Abigail in ways most would never expect. She’s livid that Abby never had to pay for lying on the stand about her, which changed Gabi’s life completely. She knows that everyone always forgives Abby anything but that’s not the case for her this time.

Gabi is furious and intent on making her pay by costing her all that she loves most her family. She’s been poisoning Chad’s mind against her. She kicks that plan into high gear when she advises Chad to have Abigail committed. Thanks to Gabi, he believes that her alters are back so will he do it?

Someone who isn’t buying what Gabi is selling is Abigail herself. In fact, she confides to JJ that she thinks Gabi set her up. JJ hates to believe the worst of his ex but could his sister be on target with this hunch? And if she is, what will JJ do about it to protect her?

Ciara may be in a relationship but that doesn’t mean her heart is completely in it or that her mind can’t wander. continue reading on the next page —>

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers for October 16

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