Days of Our Lives Chad resists Gabi’s startling Idea

Days of Our Lives spoilers Days of Our Lives Chad resists Gabi’s startling Idea. Tuesday, October 16, 2018, reveals Gabi tries to make Abby look violent to convince Chad o have her committed.

Gabi wants Abby out of the way, and it’s not happening soon enough for her. Gabi has already drugged Abby several times which is not good for the baby at all. How much longer before Gabi does something that hurts either Abby or the baby? Will someone catch on to her plan before that happens?

Days of Our Lives’ Abby will confide in J.J. that she thinks Gabi is trying to set her up. Will J.J. believe her this time? Abby has tried to tell him before that Gabi is out to get her. J.J. feels torn between his friend and his sister.

Gabi saved J.J.’s life when he was going to commit suicide, so he isn’t ready to believe she’s that evil. J.J. also doesn’t believe that Gabi blames Abby for her alters actions. Will J.J. see the truth before it is too late to help Abby? Will Abby turn to Stefan because he is the only person who is onto Gabi and her plan? How will Chad handle it if Abby does turn to Stefan for help?continue reading on the next page —>

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Days of Our Lives Chad resists Gabi’s startling Idea

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