Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Next Two Weeks, March 18 to 29

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the next two weeks, March 18 to 29 reveals that will Horton will become a bit wild. In his illusion, he will attack Leo Starke. Will will pour water all over Leo, who will probably still take the upper hand in this twisted side of Salem.

Leo will seem very active, so he should have Will right where he wants. Meanwhile, Martha Madison will return as Belle black for the special episode, airing on March 18th. She will be a mess about her mother’s death in this alternate reality. Marlena will see Claire Brady approached Bell’s handcuffs. It looks like Claire will be arrested after she gets off the track, so Marlena will worry about how much her granddaughter needs.

However, Doctor Marlena Evans is still not dead. She will once again died in the hospital. She will not completely die, but she will not be alive either. Marlena will learn that her soul needs to overcome, but there will be some debate about where it will go. Thao Penghlis will continue his role as both Tony Dimera and Andre Dimera. They will quarrel with princess Gina. She will be a familiar character for longtime viewers.

While Marlene is apartment, she will have a unique experience. Days of our lives vandals say Marlena would see Salem without her. If you’ve ever seen it is a great life, this will be the version of DOOL. Marlena’s imagination will help her see how much her loved ones need. cotinue reading on the next page —>

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Next Two Weeks, March 18 to 29


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